Tailgating is FREE for all private parties

Recent years have seen 80-90 tailgate traders

Tailgating is free! Tailgaters should enter the Martin County Fairgrounds from the north (not at the traffic light) entrance. Gates to the tailgate area will remain locked until 6:30AM Saturday. You are welcome to queue up at the north gate or if you are spending the night on the grounds (dry camping), you may set up in the south parking lot (the entrance with a street light). No selling is allowed in the south parking lot area due to liability and insurance requirements. 

All commerical vendors must purchase inside space corresponding to the number of parking spaces used in the tailgate area. Clubs and Associations have a at-cost rate for tables and all clubs are requested to use the inside areas for their displays. Commercial spaces not occupied by the vendor or exhibitor prior to opening of the hamfest may loose the space.

If you'd like an inside space you can reserve in advance and stay in the shade all day.