About the Hamfest

Stuart Hamfest History

Where else will you find so many people who share your insanity?

Where else will you find so many people who share your insanity?

About the Hamfest- what started out many decades ago as a simple "tailgate" meeting at Francis Langford park in Rio (actually Stuart) Florida is now one of the best attended hamfests in the State- make no mistake it is still a "tailgate" event- but it is not unusual to see as many as 100 or more people "tailgating" with a few commercial vendors mixed in. The only hamfest we know of in Florida with more tailgaters is our pals up in Orlando at the Hamcation. But we're free- and easy to get to- and we're in a beautiful town. So come see us for the hamfest on the third weekend in March- we'll pay your admission, OK? Oh, and don't be surprised if you see the guys above at the fest. We just won't tell you who is who.

Why is the Stuart Hamfest free?

Stuart Hamfest Tailgater

We could charge... but hams are cheap (yep, that's why so many have really expensive rigs and antenna farms). It is really simply a tradition- and as long as prize ticket donations cover our costs, we will continue to hold the hamfest for free- really. Free parking, Free admission, Free forums, and Free tailgating for non-commercial vendors.

We hope you enjoy visiting our little town and choose to enjoy our pristine beaches and public parks.