2013 Stuart Hamfest Survey Results

 Thanks to all who took the time to take our Hamfest Survey-- we are grateful to those who offer feedback and suggestions. Below are quotes and excerpts from the survey-- with only personally identifiable information redacted. We look forward to hearing your input after the 2014 event. 


It seems there is as much interest in Building Antennas as in a Special Event Station.

Q. Were the prizes attractive enough, and do you have any prize suggestions?

  • Great Prizes, Wish I won.
  • Yes! Consider a 1st and or 2nd prize and door prizes or ticket draws every half hour
  • Always a great selection
  • yes, the prizes were great...
  • Bought 7 tickets to support the hamfest, happy to contribute. Made more money selling than I expected!
  • Prizes were great. Next year I will buy some Raffle Tickets since people I know won this year. Maybe it will rub off!
  • Yes they were, and thank you (as I hear I won the 3rd place prize)
  • The 3 grand prizes were fine. Quality prizes not the 40 dollar HT's that are flooding the market
  • Let me win one!! :)
  • Great prize selection, Could use a lot more of the small hourly prizes. Need to get out and knock on doors for vender donations. Many local businesses will donate items just for a promotional acknowledgement.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the Stuart Hamfest?

  • Nice job!
  • its a great hamfest to sell, meet other hams and have lots of fun
  • I like trains so it would be nice to tailgate in view of the tracks, but I understand you have certain limitations on layout. I'll be back.
  • It was nice, would have liked to see more sellers there
  • Really enjoyed it. Thought the promotional video was well done. I hope that next year, a major push for promoting via Youtube and Facebook will attract more folks.
  • My first hamfest was the Stuart Hamfest in 1975, I think it was held at the Tri County Rehab center on US 1. Attended with my Dad got my license in Aug 77. Keep up the good work.
  • I can't wait until next year !!

Where did you see us advertised?

It seems as many saw us on Facebook as in our half-page QST ad-- and the Facebook budget was only 10% of the cost. Plus, using Facebook we can reach people who are only within a certain radius of the event and have an interest (or similar interests) in ham radio.